The Mustard Seed Creed

Article I:
The MSA recognizes the Bible as the brightest light given to humanity and it is efficacious in making a man, through its examples, instructions, doctrines, and reproofs perfect and mature in his relationship with God. Being that it has this efficacy, all other written or oral themes must become subordinate to it. Thus several clauses accompany this article:

Clauses of Article I:

  1. The writings of EG White and VT Houteff, although prophetic and inspired by the God of the Bible, the Word, they cannot supersede the Bible and they must be measured by it —not the reverse.
  2. Such inspired, “lesser lights” writings were given for—not absolute, but— relative themes of righteousness. They were given to meet the unique circumstances of their era so as to grace the church with the ability to successfully abide in the world without incurring any hazard due to the unique circumstances in which they would preside and abide. For examples, see publication 4.1.
  3. The writings of the MSA, aka, Mustard Seed Chronicle (MSC) are equally inspired and are likewise subordinate to Scripture. However, such writings have primacy and are superior because they advance a Scripture-based doctrine of greater maturity and insight, and they come at the end of the proverbial day. They teach the SDA members how to “choose the good and refuse the evil”, a mission which the aforementioned authors could not do.
  4. The themes of the MSC will continue to advance in wisdom until Immanuel (its teacher) reaches the spiritual (not the literal) age of maturity, 20.
  5. Humanity must learn to forego any and all competitive sources of doctrine and counsel in deference to the Bible. This includes all of our customs, traditions, and ideas.

Article II:
The MSA recognizes the King James Version (KJV) as the only valid translation of the Holy Scriptures. Thus all points of faith and doctrine must be discerned from it. This is so by Bible definition, is practical because it was written in an age removed from the current disagreements, and was instituted by the first legitimate, Christian power or nation, one that obtained the highest levels of righteousness, since Calvary.

Article III:
The MSA rejects the doctrine of the Triune God, a doctrine which splits the Father into Three Separate Personalities while at the same time making Them One and the same. Therefore, the MSA teaches the scripturally well founded doctrine that Jesus, that Christ, and that the Comforter are all separate and distinct Personalities Who have non-identical, independent ideas and judgments from that of the Father. They are “one” by virtue of the choice made by each to recognize and exalt the Father to be God with judgment and wisdom superior to Their own. Thus do They petition or pray to the Father on Their own behalf as well as for our behalf, and thus do They subordinate Their will to His will. The following Clauses emanate from this teaching:

Clauses of Article III:

  1. The Father, Who is the one and only God, and Christ (Michael or Melchisedec) are eternal beings who have never seen a beginning of days, who will live forever, and who have never died. The Comforter, aka, the Holy Spirit, is thought to be the same.
  2. Jesus did not pre-exist His birth; He was conceived by the Father through His human, mortal, and non-sinless mother Mary. Therefore, He is not a spirit, but is flesh and blood like all humanity.
  3. Jesus, being the One and Only begotten Son of the Highest, after successfully completing His mission on Calvary, after rising on the third day of His time of imprisonment and death, was promoted by the Father to sit on His right hand to rule the universe.
  4. Christ, aka, the second person of the “Godhead”, while assuming the form of a dove, descended and rested upon Jesus. This union occurred at Jesus’ anointing when He was 30 years of age. Christ clandestinely remained and abode upon Jesus for the duration of His Three-and-one-half year ministry only to leave Him at the point of Jesus’ death.
  5. All the teachings of Jesus, pronounced during His Three-and-one-half year ministry, were not His own but were articulated by Christ, the hidden being within Him —Just as prophesied in Deuteronomy 18.
  6. The teachings of Christ through Jesus were not given of His own wisdom, desire, intellect, or judgment but were carefully dictated to Him by God, the Father, and were the keys of eternal salvation for humanity (see John 12:47-50, 8: 15, 5: 22,30).
  7. Jesus will return “in like manner” to His departure and at the end of world history. When He does, He will be accompanied by the voice of the Archangel who is Christ and the trump of God, the Father.
  8. Christ, will again return and rest upon His faithful and wise steward. This return will be separate from that of Jesus and will be invisible. It will be done in order to redeem Israel, empower His Church, and evangelize, in great power, the world.

Article IV:
The only escape from hell and death provided for humanity is the provision, given by God, to restore man and transform him into a literal, physical, eternal being, a being who is guaranteed to never taste the sting of death. The only provision extended to effect this blissful gratuity and benefit is the words uttered by Christ through Jesus as He abode upon Him during the days of His 3 ½ year ministry. The power of His communion and communication with humanity during that short span of time gives us His complete testimony and is figuratively described in Scripture as the healing fountain. This is a concept which describes Jesus’ words preached during His ministry, “they are spirit and they are life” —John 6: 63. These very words will judge humanity in the last day. There is no other escape from the grave.

Article V:
The SDA church is the seventh and last church headed by Jesus. Afterwards, Christ, the Morning Star, will be recommissioned to, in a very short span of time, save humanity by way of His invisible return. He will again be hidden within a man; and through that vantage point, He will judge the nations. No other man has proven to be faithful to His commands except the steward described in Luke 12. Thus He will clandestinely rest upon that sin-overcoming, human servant. That servant is described as the literal and genetic son of David. He has been revealed by the name of Derek W. West, Sr, the president of the MSA, a.k.a., David. He is the man who brings the church to full spiritual maturity through the unfolding of God’s word; he is given the fountain. He does not believe in self magnification of any man unless such a man is described in the Bible as an appointee of God for such magnification. Then, under those unique circumstances, such a man is commanded to “live by every word” and to teach the gospel by teaching the observance of “all things whatsoever (Christ) has commanded.” Therefore, being duty bound, the faithful and wise servant, careful to follow all of the Lord’s commands, identifies himself to the church. He does not hide his light under a bushel.

Article VI:
David, will grow in strength as he identifies the individual personality of Christ, who is the Word and who has been described in the Old Testament as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. Thus is he, David, commissioned to declare the name of the Lord. This —not self promotion, nor exaltation of Laodicea, nor the prophets of the past, nor even the 144,000, but— the definition and declaration of Christ’s personal identity, will be the catalyst to promote David to primacy in the church and under Christ.

Article VII:
The MSA recognizes two separate groups within the Church, the lukewarm and the hot or cold members. It recognizes these metaphoric conditions to prevail even among its reformatory groups who promote the Shepherd’s Rod (An inspired message brought to Laodicea by VTH). Thus, the MSA is inspired to target these reformers as they seek to lift up the general body of the church.

Article VIII:
All are invited to partake in the healing fountain and receive life without death. It does not matter the religious affiliation, the race, the sex, the history of sin, there are no prescribed qualification for membership, one merely needs to ask for its literature. Again, the literature is targeted to believers in the Shepherd’s Rod message; however, it’s literature, will be mailed free of charge to any who inquire and request it —so long as financial considerations permit. What the recipients of the said literature choose to do with it is a matter between them and the Lord.

Article IX:
The MSA has open membership. All are encourage to live up to the standards of faith as taught by Christ during Jesus’ 3 ½ years of ministry. Should they fail to do so, then they will be made to give an account to the Lord, at His invisible return. Since this return is only months away (the exact date has not been revealed), then the MSA, will trust its adherents to choose the good and refuse the evil on their own with the foreknowledge that they will be judged by the Word. It has no disfellowship policy. Any who obey the Savior’s command to support this work with their tithe and offerings and who express open belief in the doctrines presented in its literature can become a member of good standing. The only provision is that they become baptized into the faith by the SDA ministry unless or until another ministry is ordained for that purpose.

Article X:
The MSA recognizes the Shepherd’s Rod to be an inspired message calling the church to reform. Therefore, it counsels, encourages, and rallies all who support and subscribe to that message to fulfill their obligation to it by reading every word therein and proving all of its themes by the Bible. The MSA has been ordained by the Lord to successfully enforce this requisite and to teach others of its discernment between “good and evil”. Therefore, it supports, teaches, and ratifies all themes contained within the Shepherd’s Rod literature which have been validated and proven by Scripture.

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