Baptismal Vows

Below are twenty fundamental baptismal articles as defined by the Mustard Seed Advent. All principles of salvation are not limited to, but extend from, these doctrines.

SECTION ONE – Teachings about God

  1. Do you believe that it is the essential duty of all humanity to search the Scriptures so as to determine the requisites of salvation and to there from define the nature of Christ, Jesus, Father, and the Comforter (John 5: 39)? In so affirmatively stating, do you resultantly reject all other sources of doctrine, as a predicate for admission into heaven’s Kingdom, including the following:
      • Tradition
      • Age of Doctrine
      • Personal thoughts or ideas
      • The Papacy’s or other ecclesiastical teachings
      • Partial prophecies
  2. Do you believe that God, called “Holy Father” in the Bible (John 17: 11), is eternal, all wise, all powerful, and all loving?
  3. Do you believe that God, as a manifestation of His love as well as the other above-listed qualities, gave to the world Jesus, His Only Begotten Son, and He did so to save them?
  4. Do you believe the following qualities about His Only Begotten?
      • Jesus was conceived in the womb of His mother, Mary, after she was “overshadowed” by the Holy Father/the Highest —the term conception maintains its dictionary meaning.
      • That Jesus lived righteously, taught, was crucified, was resurrected and was ascended to heaven.
      • That Jesus was not the God who presided before His conception in the time of the Old Testament; rather, it was Christ, the Eternal Son of God. (Exod 6: 3; Deut 32: 7-10; John 1: 1;1Cor 10: 4, etc)
      • That Christ, also known as “the Word”, was covenanted to clandestinely rest and abide upon Jesus, an event which endured for almost 3 ½ years until moments before Jesus’ death.
      • That through Jesus’ physical body, Christ spoke and revealed His testimony which in turn has given to us – once it is fully understood and embraced – the keys to the Kingdom and to everlasting life.
  5. Do you believe that Christ is worthy of worship – not because He is God or equal to God – but because Father loves Him and desires that we honor Christ even as we honor Himself (John 5: 19-23) and that Father, being King of the universe, has the authority, the right, and the prerogative to govern or to delegate His authority and power as He so deems?
  6. Do you believe that Jesus is also worthy of worship because He has been given all Power? (Matt 28: 18)
  7. Do you believe that Christ’s life-saving testimony spoken while concealed within Jesus during Jesus’ 3 ½ years of ministry was a testimony given in proverb? (John 16: 25, 26)
  8. Do you also believe that Christ is not a covenant breaker and thus, will keep His promise to raise up a man, the mustard seed, to make His testimony plain only today, in the “last day”? (See Deut 18: 15-19, John 5: 45-47, John 12: 48, John six, John 16: 22-25)

The next section defines fundamental tenant of faith which pertain to the emergence of the Lord’s faithful and wise steward promised to the House of David.

SECTION TWO – The Promised Mustard Seed

  1. Do you believe that the Kingdom of heaven, in the last day, would begin as a proverbial mustard seed ?(Matt 13: 31)
  2. Do you believe that this mustard seed represents a disciple who has been elevated above all other disciples (Matt 19: 21-28) and is manifested in the work of Derek West and the publications of which he authors, the Mustard Seed Chronicle, also the Gospel ministry which he heads, the Mustard Seed Advent (MSA)?
  3. Do you believe that, though many people may not like surprises, Father has chosen it as a tactic of salvation and promises to resultantly and completely surprise us with these, His MSA revealed, Bible-based doctrines (See Isa 29: 13, 14: 47: 5-8; Luke 10: 21; John 6: 39, 40; John 5: 19, 20; etc) so as to confound the “scholars” and defeat human arrogance?
  4. Do you base the foundation of your faith – not in Derek West, but instead – in the Testimony of Jesus which Derek now seeks to open to you, a testimony communicated to Christ by the Highest?
  5. Do you further believe that you must not copy the resentment of the original disciples as they resisted the sons of Zebedee. That is, you must not become hostile to Derek’s promotion to leadership. Instead, you must wisely choose to accept Christ’s rebuke of their resentment as a proverbial example to heed the Lord’s command to let him, the mustard seed, become the highest disciple so that he may serve as your minister, “even as the Son of man came…to minister”? (Matt 20:27, 28)
  6. Do you believe that the above-said testimony teaches all of humanity to breach its 6000-year practice of following man and that it instead shows to all the newly promoted and unique theme of how to follow Christ?
  7. Do you believe that accordingly, the very same Testimony of Jesus was to be the exact themes that were to be “reminded” to the end-time disciples by the Comforter Whom Father promised to send to them (John 14: 26) and that it is this evidence —not that of following man— which causes you to recognize the Lord’s voice through the person of Derek West?

Additionally, the fundamental tenets of faith as expressed in the next section.

SECTION THREE – Charity for the 144,000

  1. Do you believe that, though hated in the world, the Sons of America’s former slaves represent the people of the Bible called Jerusalem, the leaders of Israel yesterday who paid double for their sins, soon must become the people of our first-fruit harvest, aka, the 144,000?
  2. Do you believe that charity towards them, instead of vegetarianism, is the Atoning “fast”, the soul affliction which Christ now has implemented for the House of Jacob?
  3. Do you also believe that we, as good Samaritans, are commanded by Christ to accordingly recover and restore them to honor and to their regal calling, so that they, under our leadership and tutelage as disciples (See Matt 19, Jer three, etc.) may forward the work of the Three Angel’s Message so as to evangelize the world?
  4. Do you believe that all races and sexes have an opportunity to now unite with this work, even in its beginning stages of growth, so as to receive heaven’s grace?

SECTION FOUR – The Perfecting of the Saints

  1. Do you believe that the Testimony of Jesus as made plain through the MSA will commit and cause you to deploy appropriate, spiritual energy so that you may become a perfect and superior saint, a candidate for everlasting life, one who is being transformed into a moral, decent, honorable, loving person who will resultantly refrain from all polluting and corrupting influences or practices as identified and published in the MSC: practices including, but not limited to, eating unclean foods, drinking intoxicating beverages for vain and non-medicinal purposes, violating the commandments from Sinai and from Jesus’ Testimony, promoting non-biblical themes as a basis for salvation.

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